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Book Club – February Recap

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The kick off of our CFFS Learning Project although small, brought in an above and beyond response by those who are participating.  We had only asked for one or two sentences or blurbs about something small they took away from what they were reading. A few of them really got after it. The purpose of sharing this information here in addition to our Facebook Group is so that other members who are not participating get a glimpse into what these folks are learning. We are looking to inspire these others to join in and feed their brains to continue taking ownership over their health & fitness.  We would like to truly thank these participants for jumping in with such great reviews of what they read.

Here’s is some of what was shared in our Facebook Group.

Amanda K. – True to Form – Dr. Eric Goodman

“Most of you are aware that I have some difficulties in the back & knee department…so this was a suggested read which turned out to be quite informative.

The author discusses our bodies as a collection of organisms; one connected to the next. This explains why if we have pain in our knee, for example, the knee may not be the source of the problem. This pain could be the effect of a bad movement you’ve been making with the i.e. hip or ankle. Making the same bad movement over & over will ultimately cause the fascia (which we know helps to stabilize our bodies) to shrink & become tighter as the result of the new movement being performed by its designated muscle group. The poor movement becomes a bad habit & though initially you might not feel pain, given enough time you will. To correct this, you need to be super self aware to discontinue the bad movement; begin performing the movement correctly. If you’re dedicated to the process, eventually you’re bad habits can be corrected. 

As it relates to me directly…
When I’m relaxing I naturally let my legs & feet fall to either side allowing me to lean or slouch my torso however I feel comfortable. (shown in the center of the attached picture) However, if I sit up properly & with my toes pointing up (shown on the right) I can feel a stretching in my lower back where I regularly experience tightness. If I am to understand the author correctly, making the decision to consciously sit, stand, lay, etc in the proper position may eventually reverse the habit my body has created & ultimately relieve some of the tension in my lower back. And, because the 🎶hip joint’s connected to the-knee joint & the knee joint’s connected to the-ankle joint🎶this has the potential to relieve some of the pain I experience in my knee as well.”

Lucia I – Beyond Training – Ben Greenfield

“My selection for book club was Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield. This book is packed with information ranging from energy system activation/exercise physiology, training strategies for strength, power and endurance to nutrition/supplements, breathing, sleep and more. The largely scientific information presented was fascinating, but two simple take-aways stuck with me. 1. “Greasing the groove”–credited to Pavel Tsatsouline, a famous strength and conditioning coach. This concept is based on Pavel’s equation SPECIFITY+FREQUENT PRACTICE=SUCCESS. He portends that to build strength you must be able to maximally recruit the muscle fibers you have, not just build upon them. A huge benefit can occur from doing frequent perfect reps at submaximal effort. Doing 5 perfect pushups/squats several times during the day adds up and will provide benefits. 2. The other takeaway was to incorporate deep rhythmic nasal breathing into every workout. Looking forward to doing both!”

Sari K. – A Fighters Mind – Sam Harris

“The book I selected to read was “The Fighter’s Mind”, by Sam Sheridan. In the book the author interviews dozens of great athletes and coaches in sports ranging from wrestling to jiu-jitsu to ultramarathon running. On the surface the book is about fighting, but its lessons are broadly applicable.

Each chapter seeks out different wisdom from different competitors. A recurring message was learning to deal well with defeat and adversity. You won’t always win, you won’t always have the highest score, and you might even encounter some terrible setbacks. The important thing is to let go of defeats and to learn from your mistakes and weak points so that they won’t get in your way next time. A great quote from the book: “”With my students, I always tell them that the loss is where you can get better. Once you make a mistake in a fight or a competition, you never do that again. It’s burned in your brain. See those mistakes and cover those holes. That’s why you learn more when you lose than when you win. When you win you forget.”

There are some great life lessons in The Fighter’s Mind, and you don’t have to be a fighting fan to appreciate them!”

March Book Club Sign Out 

If you didn’t participate last month or if you only 1/2 participated last month (you know who you are 🙂 ), you can still jump in this month.

Remember, we are taking a very simple approach to taking on, in some cases , what is a lot of complex information with maintaining our very busy schedules. So, our general rule of thumb is to be selfish with the book club. Only take books you are interested  in and when you open them, only look up what you are interested in. A lot of these types of health & fitness related books do not always need to be read cover to cover. They can be used in a much more utilitarian fashion.  In addition, you do not need to take one of our books, you can find your own and share it with the group.