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Class/Open Gym Reservations

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Beginning March 1st, we will require reservations for classes and open gym. We understand 24 hours isn’t always possible to make these types of reservations, but we do ask that you try to keep it to a 12 hour time frame.

Classes will be limited to 8 participants. Obviously at this very moment we are not spilling over on week days. This is really more to prepare whoever is coaching for whoever is coming in. Everyone knows we have a lot of days where we have many people doing completely different things. Being able to plan for programming changes in advance will provide for a better training experience.

Open gym reservations are scheduled in blocks of time. We just ask that you round down to the closest time you will be here. This is to get an idea of overall gym flow throughout the day, but specifically at busier times/days. We are operating in tight quarters and we hope to make it tighter. Tight enough that we have to leave for a bigger and better space. (MEMBER REFERRAL – Give 100-Get 100)

Many of you have already figured all this out, but for help reserving classes or open gym, you can refer to Wodify’s website here :

Thank you for your cooperation.

Question to ponder….what is the more fun penalty ? Burpees or Assault Bike?